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Angular vs React vs Vue: Which is the Best Choice for 2019?

In 2019, it is impractical to imagine web development without HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Javascript is the soul of front-end development of web apps.
If you have landed on this page, I assume that you are confused between
the different frameworks & libraries of Javascript programming 
language.Some of the most common queries of businesses as well as software developers are:

  • Angular or React or Vue: Which is better for my next web app development project?
  • Which Javascript framework or library offers the best performance?
  • Which is the most suitable for my small web application?
  • Which of the three Javascript frameworks/libraries is the most reliable one?
  • Which framework/ library is suitable for small size or large size applications?

At the end of the blog, you will be able to decide which among Angular vs 
React vs Vue is the most suitable programming tool for your project. So 
let’s dive into the comparison of these three Javascript frameworks 
& libraries to choose the best one in 2019!1. Angular vs React vs Vue: Popularity (According to stack overflow, npm and Google Trends)


React is more popular according to stack overflow statistics and google trends.The user interface frameworks and libraries of Javascript programming 
language work in a cycle. After every six months, they change positions 
and a new one pops up. React and angular have been popular frameworks 
from a few past years.#1 Stat According to the Stack Overflow survey, React.js is the most loved framework, followed by Vue.js.

Undoubtedly, Vue.js has gained remarkable popularity since its launch in 2014. This shift occurred in mid-2016 and is sustained perfectly well in 
contemporary times. It is still expected that this framework will rise 
more in the coming years.

#2 Stat The story says something else if you look at the search trends from the past 12 months of Google trends.

Have a look at the graph below, Vue.js is way behind angular and react. React is the most popular in searches.

#3 Stat Below is a graphical representation of the npm trends
for the downloads and stars of Angular vs react vs vue. It clearly 
shows React on top, followed by angular and then vue. But when we look 
at the stars, the lowest goes to angular and highest to vue, followed by

Although it is clear that React is most loved and downloaded framework in 2019, it does not mean that it is the best. There are many other factors that 
will decide which framework is the most appropriate one for a particular
type of web development project.2. Angular vs React vs Vue: An introduction to the backgroundBefore we get into the more specific details about these three Javascript frameworks or library, let’s get a brief intro of Angular vs React vs Vue.Angular:Released in 2010 by Google. It is a typescript based javascript framework. It 
was released prior to the other two Javascript frameworks that we are 
discussing in this blog. Today it is called Angular but before 2016 
there was a suffix ‘JS’ to its name.JS was dropped from its name after the release of Angular 2+. On 28 May’2019, its latest version, Angular 8.0.0 was released. Google and Wix are among the most popular companies using Angular.React:Released in 2013 by Facebook. It is mostly used in high traffic websites. It was developed when Facebook ads started gaining traffic and faced problems in their coding and maintenance which depicted certain issues. Its latest version, 16.8.6 was released on 6 May’2019.They were resolved with the release of this library of Javascript. Whatsapp, Instagram Paypal, Glassdoor, BBC are some of the popular companies using React. It is highly dynamic and offers great support in creating interactive user interfaces.Vue:A progressive Javascript framework released in 2014 and developed by no 
big name like React and Angular. In fact, it was created by an ex-engineer of Google, Evan You. It is gaining constant popularity. Its latest version; Version 2.6.10 was released on 20 March 2019.It is the youngest member of the family of Javascript frameworks. It has 
practically removed the drawbacks of the other frameworks to offer ease 
of next level to software developers. Websites like GitLab and Alibaba 
are using Vue.3. Angular vs React vs Vue: PerformanceSummary:There is a thing called DOM which can be understood as UI, that is the user 
interface of your application. The DOM changes whenever you update the 
user interface. This represents the changes that are made in the 
application.It can be used in two ways, either as virtual DOM or a real DOM. The performance of the framework/library is highly affected by them. Let’s see what is used by Angular vs React vs Vue 2019 to understand their level of performance:Angular:This framework of Javascript uses real DOM. It is extremely hard to handle 
because if you lose the flow, you will have to go deep into the codes to
actually find out the issue. It is time-consuming, and risky to attract
a lot of bugs.The real DOM use by Angular affects its performance and ability to make 
dynamic software application. Furthermore, it results in the slow 
performance of this Javascript framework.React:This Javascript library is using virtual DOM. It is not browser specific and
lightweight. It is provided in react package for free and eliminates 
the issues of slow performance of real DOM.This allowed a significant improvement in the performance of javascript frameworks/ libraries and made React utterly popular.

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