Together We Create

We are the Technology organization who gives the best benefits and custom-made frameworks as per the prerequisites of the customer. We pursue the dexterous technique to isolate the errands into littler dashes of one week. We take a shot at the premise of customary criticism with the client. We execute new advances for a customer to meet their prerequisites effectively. We bring people together as efficient, highly-collaborative teams to continuously deliver value to users.

Focus on Team Effort for Great Result

Our central goal is to improve groups at their specialty by structure significant items together.We put a ton of idea and exertion into shared group elements on the grounds that cheerful individuals assemble incredible items together. We work in little groups since when you’re moving fast, alignment, transparency, and communication are paramount.

Process Where We Take Development from Zero to Hero

We think about three things when we build a product: Will the user want or need to use this product? Will this drive the business to achieve its goals and objectives? And is the product technically feasible to build?


Extereme Programming

Using modern software patterns and languages, we will teach you how to deliver the right product with quality, maintainable, scalable software that delights users and meets business needs the right way.

  • Pair Programming
  • Test Driven Development
  • Short Iterations
  • Continuos Integration


User-Centered Design

Using industry-leading best practices to understand user needs and validate potential solutions, we’ll ensure you build and continue to iterate on the right product.

  • User Interviews
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Persona definition
  • Prototype creation


Product Management

Our Product Management practices focus on aligning a complex set of inputs with desired business outcomes and driving efficiency through the process. We do this by continually de-risking product ideas.

  • Minimum Viable
  • Lean experiments
  • Identify & test assumptions
  • Data driven decisions
How We Do It
How ITG Works and Lives

To engage with ITG is to learn by doing. Your team members pair with ITG team members, working side-by-side as much as possible to collectively build a great product. We practice test-driven development, pair programming, short development cycles, and continuous verification and integration of code. One result is high-quality, flexible software delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. The other result is that your team is now ready to do the same high-quality work all on its own.

standup meeting

Each workday begins with a brief team stand-up meeting to discuss what you did yesterday, and what you plan to do today.


The product manager leads the team through the backlog during the Iteration Planning Meeting. Team members collaborate to clarify items and ensure consistency.


The product manager oversees prioritization, while prototypes are managed by the designer. Throughout, user research eliminates unnecessary features.


The team meets weekly to decompress, identify issues, and discuss areas for improvement, leading to iterative improvement. That’s the agile method. We adopt a culture of constant feedback and learning. (Also: We take breaks, ping-pong tables included.)


As we begin to build a product, we employ Test-Driven Development (TDD): we write tests that assert the application can do what we want it to do. We do this before we build the functionality. A piece of code or functionality isn’t done until it passes the test.


Pair programming is the practice of having two developers work together at the same computer to complete each task. At ITGlance, we pair all of the time. As pairs rotate, knowledge is spread rapidly through the team, avoiding silos of knowledge and allowing for team growth.

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