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Hike To “Champ Devi”

Most people love a little break from their busy lives – struggles and liabilities, don’t they? Hike feels like the right kind of escapism from this hustling-bustling daily life. A day with you, a team and a divine nature. You can have a chance to daydream about your life looking at the sky escorted by the crisp wind, bustling trees and harmoniously singing birds. These are the times where you can look past your worries and enjoy the given moment.

So, do you like well-planned hikes or unplanned ones? I, who loved their things planned; however, this hike to “Champ Devi” felt like no one on the team had the trip thoroughly planned because most of us did not seem to know much details about how we were supposed to reach the destination.

We commenced the trip on a local bus heading towards “Machhegaun”. The anxiety had started to kick in when we reached the starting point of the hike – a little ahead from Prithvi chowk, Maccheguan, a foundation named Pushpa Lal foundation right then the team decided to play “Chungi”. I never was a fan of playing “Chungi” because I was never great at it. Nevertheless, people making complete fools out of themselves was itself so entertaining to watch.

We played it for like half an hour to wait for the rest of the team. After the appearance of the whole team, we started the hike keeping it light and breezy. Furthermore, we were confused about the direction from the start. To remind you, we were in a village and there are always our saviors the villagers who help the lost souls. Therefore, We queried about the correct path to one of the villagers except it was like supplementing fuel to our confusion, they responded that we could take any route to reach our destination. Later we were notified, ” The way is too steep for a hike” by one of the villagers.

Hence, Our first attempt on hiking towards Champa Devi failed as we were following the wrong trail. The trail was a little icky to me since the beginning because it was all the way uphill, at one point I had myself convinced that hiking is all about up going hills. Besides, the slipperiness of the course was not helping whatsoever. We needed some thinking about choosing the route.

We retrieved from the wrong route after being warned by the villagers and had started to hike from another route which we believed to be the legitimate one but the setback followed again when we could not find the path to walk ahead. However, there was a positive thing about getting on the wrong route as they were all about fresh air and exotic scenery that we all hoped for in an exhilarating weekend.

We retrieved again but found the correct trail. We finally started the real hike toward Champa Devi. It was a narrow path with bushes to its left, and right, only a single person could fit while walking. The up we went the beautiful view became and more surreal felt the beauty of Nepal as we could see all the neighboring mountains showing their unique beauty. Moreover, we could see the sun doing its job perfectly by lighting the mountains in such a majestic way it felt like some parts of mountains had gained the universe’s blessings.

The more we walked, the hungrier we got. My absence of preparation for the trip had started to exhibit its consequences because I had no food with me. I had started to crave my mother’s cooking rather than savoring the scenery! Nevertheless, to my surprise, one of my teammates had brought home-cooked cauliflower for lunch with roti. You have no idea how grateful I was that very moment upon seeing the dish. I never knew eating in the woods would be so much fun. I did not know if it was the food or team or the place, or maybe the aggregation of all of them that moment would always be in my remembrance.

We walked about 15 minutes after the heavy lunch and finally reached the famous Champa Devi temple. Keeping it real, the view was not that magnificent. Fortunately, the way to reach the destination was a whole lot of refreshment that we all would enjoy. We chose the route towards Hattiban and to Pharphing on the way back home.

The trail down was as marvelous as the trail way up there. You could feel the similar cold breeze, melodiously singing birds. A non-crowded place that just made my heart warm in the cold and breezy weather. When we reached Hattiban, the tall and elegant looking trees captivated all my attention. Like me, you would instantly fall in love with what you would be seeing. Just know what I was witnessing was a pure beauty designed by the trees.

People in the team had started their Chungi session but I had been so tired of moving my limbs. At least that was what I thought for a few minutes. Until, I heard the name “Boomblast” – a game where you hit people with Chungi. It sounds convincing enough, right? Of course! No one would blow their chance to hit others. Likewise, my legs had straightened itself without my full consciousness. I had signed myself up for the game.

If at the beginning of this trip someone would have said this moment, right now would be the best part of the hike I would not have believed them. A fun little childish game made us runners, carefree and giggle at times like a child. We were supposed to leave Hattiban at 5 p.m. but look at us! We had so much fun running around madly we lost track of time except we had places to be, the clock ticking for us to depart. Hence, we ended our little trip on the Pharping bus stand.

This hike felt like our life, our life with unknowns and uncertainties. Working with ambiguity is being anxious most of the time not knowing what to do next. However, with the presence of a supportive team, you can overcome the fear of the unknown and move forward to reach your end goal. Besides, going on the wrong trail twice resembled our life choices. You might not choose the correct path in your first attempt but there is still a lot to learn in those junctures as well.

See you on the next hike. Happy readings!

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