Sharing IT at the schools in Helambu

Experience shared by Subash Shrestha

Surrounding by the hectic and busy life in this city, sometimes it is good to enjoy the blend of nature along with some positiveness.

Continuing the strong motive and mission from the previous year, we planned to continue our journey for providing different ideas and inspirations to students at Shermathang this year too.

Shermathang, the southeastern locality of Helambu where we wanted students to enlighten themselves with practical knowledge along with the letter of books. We, the Itglancers teamed up for the mission with full of positive motive and marched toward the Shermathang in drizzling morning.

With the delicious lunch at Kyul, we hiked toward Shermathang. Many memories were created on the way to Shermathang where some of our fellows were exhausted with the inclined uphills while some were enjoying the views.  The day was turning to night and we were getting closer to our destination. 

We reached there by 9 P.M and had a good time talking about the experience that day.

The next day we went to school, where we were warmly welcomed by the staff. We had made up our mind to teach Scratch which is drag and drop programming application and have some inspirational class for students. Sadly we were unable to teach them scratch but we were glad to have the class where we taught them about Gmail setup and the importance of technology in our daily life. We had a very positive response from students and had some interactional class with them. Our fellow members also enjoyed that class and actively participated in it. That day, our team had a good time there and ended the day with a splendid experience.

Helambu School and ITGlance Team

The next day we were planning to visit another school for inspection of the computer lab which was set up the previous year by our fellows. But it was sad to know that all the computers were in the principle house for some reason. That made us somehow heartbroken but we were even more extremely motivated to bring some changes in that place. We hiked downhill and got back to Helambu. The next day we returned back to Kathmandu and ended our mission-driven journey.

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